As a full-service Assisted Living Community, The Cottages of Port Richey provides assistance and supervision with the Activities of Daily Living of our residents while providing access to excellent, professional medical partners such as in-home Physician services, Home Care, Outpatient Therapy, Pharmacy services, etc.  The Cottages are setup in a manner that reflects a loving community, working together with its partners towards the health and happiness of all our residents.

If you have visited other assisted living communities and felt your loved one would be lost in the shuffle of an enormous facility, you will love the simplicity of The Cottages.  We provide exceptional care and provide all the necessary resources to ensure your loved one receives the care they need to remain healthy and live comfortably.  You should expect nothing short of high-quality care for your loved one around the clock, and that is exactly what we provide for every resident in the community.

Our services are tailored to the needs of each resident.  Your loved one will live in a cozy “cottage” with others in a similar stage of life.  This allows residents to help and learn from one another while experiencing the comforts of companionship.

All services provided at The Cottages of Port Richey are based on our trademarked STAGES program.  This program embraces the fact that every person in need of assisted living services is at a unique stage in their life.  As they get older, they will move into stages that require additional care needs be met by our team of professionals.

Our STAGES program is designed to recognize the stage of life each resident is enjoying so that we can enrich their environment according to their unique personal and health needs.  Within the close-knit, secured community, your loved one will experience around-the-clock care and supervision that follows a detailed care plan designed for their specific needs.

Intrigued by the sound of our dynamic Assisted Living Community, contact us for more information.  Feel free to as questions regarding services available for your loved one’s specific needs.  We encourage you to come out for a visit and experience the community for yourself.