A Peaceful Retreat

One thing that makes The Cottages of Port Richey different from other Assisted Living Communities is our location. Rather than a large, over bearing facility in the center of a large city, our cottages are arranged in a more peaceful location away from the noise of a crowded Florida city. This reduces the stress of daily life so that every resident feels safe, relaxed and at peace with their surroundings.

The tranquility of the community can be a bit deceiving, as our program offers engaging activities throughout the day, at various parts of the campus. Residents can choose to join any of several activities going on at the same time. Our activities programming is purposely designed to keep every resident happy and pleasantly challenged while promoting success at every stage of a resident’s level of participation.

Our activities program encourages social engagement creating a feeling of belonging to the vibrant community. With the help of our friendly staff of professionals, your loved one will soon be enjoying this new adventure and all feelings of loneliness once plaguing their mind and spirit will be gone.